First RS 600 Performance Line delivered to Oslo Airport

Before New Year, the very first RS 600 Performance Line left the factory in Gjøvik.

This machine is the first of a total of 12 RS 600s that will clear snow autonomously at Oslo Airport.

Photo: Øveraasen AS

The RS 600 Performance Line is by far the world's largest runway sweeper. With this machine, you will need fewer vehicles to do the same job as with the well-known RS 400 Performance Line. It will make airports even more efficient and save the environment from emissions.

In the beginning the machine will be used with a driver at the same time as the autonomous operation is implemented.

The new runway sweeper, RS 600 Performance Line, is around 40 percent more efficient than RS 400 Performance Line.
If the new machine were to clear a 3500-meter runway all by itself, it would take a full 14 minutes less time than its predecessor.

Photo: Harald Kvam, Avinor


  • In October 2020, Avinor announced a tender to acquire autonomous runway sweepers. After a thorough procurement process, a framework agreement for eight years was awarded to Øveraasen AS on 12 March 2021. Due to the waiting period, the contract was not signed before 2 April 2021.
  • The contract includes the purchase of runway sweepers with autonomous solutions for Avinor's airports.
  • The fact that the runway sweepers are becoming autonomous means that both vehicles and equipment are operated by themselves handled by a control system. In the beginning, this means that the first car in a plough column will have a driver, while the rest of the machines will follow by themselves.
  • The first machine was delivered to Oslo Airport before New Year 2021. A total of 12 runway sweepers will be delivered during 2022. The pandemic and the problems it has created with global deliveries delays may have an impact on the progress plan.
  • According to the plan, several autonomous runway sweepers will be put into operation at Oslo Airport when the period of implementation and commissioning is completed. Exact date is difficult to say, it depends, among other things, on snowfalls.