• Strong and compact design
  • High clearing capacity
  • Optimal flexibility
  • Quick coupling concept

UTV 175/UTV 175+ Performance Line

UTV 175/UTV 175+ Performance Line is designed to be used in combination with 10-14 tons front end loaders.

The UTV 175/UTV 175+ is suitable for normal snow removal, widening roads as well as loading snow on to trucks in built-up areas. The ultimate attachment snow blower with a dual stage blower head, including a horizontal auger and a fast rotating impeller.

Extremely efficient and flexible for all types of snow removal.

UTV 175 has a modern and efficient diesel engine of 129kW that satisfies the latest emission requirements. As an option, the snow blower can be ordered as an UTV 175+ with a larger diesel engine of 165 kW.

The impeller is secured against overload in the hydraulic driveline.

The auger is secured with an automatic overload coupling.

In use, you can choose between direct casting to the right or left, or casting via the rotatable loading chute. The rotor housing can be turned 45° to the left and 60° to the right.

UTV 175/175+ is delivered as standard with hydraulic tilting of the blower unit.

From the control panel, the horizontal angle of the blower can be adjusted + -10° to ensure the best result in all conditions.

The snow blower is delivered as standard with a chute with a 2-part flap.

As an option, a chute is delivered with a 3-part flap for extremely short casting, or with a loading chute for loading.

UTV 175/175+ can also be equipped with a hydraulically foldable chute for better visibility while transporting.

The main advantages:

  1. Compact and powerful design
  2. High clearing capacity
  3. Economical operation
  4. Operational flexibility between the blower and wheel loader.


Technical data

Diesel engine

Volvo Penta TAD581 VE
Stage V 

Power output  129 kW/165kW
Capacity 1 200 tons/h
Casting distance  20-25 m 
Working width  2 700 mm 
Working height 1 380 mm 
Auger Ø 900 mm 
Impeller  Ø 850 mm 
Weight (basic product) 4 050 kg 
Discharge Turnable chute


  • Loading chute - different types
  • Side walk guides
  • Working lights
  • Engine pre-heater 220 V
  • Diesel engine 165 kW
  • Battery charger 220 V
  • NATO socket