Diagonal ploughs DL/DH/DEH

Key benefits

  • Available with low, medium or high casting
  • Replaceable standardized wear parts
  • High performance

Diagonal Ploughs

Since Øveraasen manufactured the first snow plough for automobile in 1923, it has been a continuous development towards the range of ploughs we manufacture today.

The range of diagonal ploughs has a well proven design made for the hardest and toughest conditions you can find. 

There are 3 different models: DL (low), DH (high) and DEH (extra high). The snow ploughs are used in combination with Øveraasen lifting device; DuoLift.

The ploughs can be equipped with skis or wheels according to the different road conditions.


Diagonalplog Traktor 2018

Diagonalplog 2018



Technical data

Måltabell Diagonalplog ny 02-2019



  • Wheels L+R
  • DuoLift Parallellogram
  • Quick coupling (Plough-Duolift)
  • Hard metal scraper blades
  • Angeling device
  • Variety of cutting devices