• Customized
  • Combines with different equipment
  • Flexible

Lifting Devices

Øveraasen has different types of lifting devices, which are used for connecting the snow removal equipment to the carrier.

DuoLift is a hydraulically operated parallelogram lifting device, used to connect the equipment to the carrier. The lift frame is driven by hydraulic cylinders on the parallelogram and on the adjustable framework.

DuoLift Rail is the same as DuoLift, with attachment specially designed for rail vehicles. The Duo Lift Rail is mounted between the snow removal equipment and the maintenance vehicle.

R- Lift HS is a lifting device. It is mounted between the snow removal equipment and the vehicle. This device can lift the equipment approximately 800 mm,

R- Lift HSS has all the same features as the HS, but can also move sideways. The movement is up to 600 mm in each direction.

Technical data


Lifting height 575 mm
Weight 180 kg


DuoLift Rail

Lifting height 515 mm
Weight 260 kg


R-Lift HS & HSS

Lifting height 600 mm
Weight 450 kg