Battery charger and jump start

The battery charger is used to charge the batteries when the sweeper is not
in use.

If the sweeper needs to be jump started, the jump start socket is used to
connect an external power source to the sweeper. The socket is also used
as a power outlet if the sweeper is required to start another vehicle.

The jump start socket is placed rear on left hand side beside the main switch.

  1. Jump start socket
  2. Main switch
  3. Battery charger contact
  4. Engine heater contact

The socket for the battery charger is also placed on rear left side, together with the charger itself.

The sweeper must be connected to 230 V mains voltage via the
socket. Charging takes place automatically in accordance with a preprogrammed charging curve.

The battery charger has three LED's that indicate the current charging status:

LEDs Status
Yellow lit Full charging
Yellow and green lit Equalisation charging
Green lit Trickle charging



Error indications

LEDs Status
Flashing yellow The charger can not detect a battery
Flashing yellow and green Low charge voltage
Yellow and green flashing alternately Excessively high temperature in the charger
Green flashing Battery voltage too high or charger fault
Red flashing Battery fault

Onolder machines yhe main switch, jump start socket and contact for charger and heater might be placed on top of the battery box under the engine hood.

RS 400 PL Electrical - switch - socket