TrCM® Trailer Control Module

Before driving:
Make sure that the red and yellow connectors are connected to the towing vehicle.
The towing vehicle must supply pressure >5 bar
Push the red button to release the parking (spring) brakes on the trailer.

Black - Shunt Valve                                                   Red - Parking Valve

The Tralier Control Module (TrCM) is placed inside the front left frame.

Disconnected trailer

  • When the supply line (red) is disconnected or the supply pressure < 5 bar, the emergency brakes will be activated.
  • Pull the red button to manually activate the spring parking brakes.
  • Secure the trailer wheels with blocks.


  • For shunting uncoupled trailer, push the black button first and then the red button to release the brakes.
  • NOTE! Now the trailer will roll without brakes.
  • After shunting, pull out the black button to apply the parking brake.