Celebrating 25 and 30 years of employment

Celebrating 25 and 30 years of employment

Øveraasen has several loyal employees with many years of service, which is very much appreciated! At this years Christmas party 3 employees were specially honoured.

At the 2017 Christmas Party, employees with 25 and 30 years of service were celebrated.

Mette Gaarder has a total of 25 years of employment at Øveraasen AS, and was presented a Diamond ring and flowers.

Magne Olav Sveen and Stein Erik Pettersen have both been employed at Øveraasen for 30 years! They received flowers and were presented the Medal for long and faithful service from the Royal Norwegian Society for development. 

The picture shows Thor Arve Øveraasen, Magne Olav Sveen, Mette Gaarder, Stein Erik Pettersen and Ulrich Maurer.

Thor, Magne Olav, Mett, Stein Erik og Ulrich