Status from Øveraasen

Status from Øveraasen

After the dramatic fire in our paint department i August last year we are now finally back to normal production.

At the same time the company has hired a new production manager and reorganized the production department.

The damages that occured after the fire was calculated to many million kroners and made it very challenging to continue normal production throughout the autumn 2014.

We was forced to paint at other companies in our region since our own paint department was destroyed after the fire.

There was a delay from 6 to 8 weeks on deliveries to different customers, but we where met with great understanding regarding our situation from most of our customers.

For 2015 the outcast is very positive and we expect a record year in sales thanks to several big and important contracts.

Reorganization of production department
From 1. April Knut Martin Frøsaker joins our comapny as a production manager.

For those of you that remember some years back, it is also known that Mr Frøsaker worked many years at Øveraasen upto 2005, but back then he was working in the sales department.

At the same time the company hires a new production manager the production department is reorganized with Thor-Christian Øveraasen responsible for snow blower- and plough department, while Svein Fremstad will have the responsibilty for RS- , welding- and machine department.
In addition there will be established a new electrical department under leadership of an internally recruited forman.

The managment expect, through these changes now being implemented, to be well prepared to handel new challenges in the coming years and whish the production manager and the department leaders good luck with there tasks.