Fleet Cloud - In Vehicle Monitoring System

Fleet Cloud - In Vehicle Monitoring System

Øveraasen has developed a system for monitoring the machines in your fleet in real time.
The system has been tested for a year and is now launched for our customers on RS 200/400, RSC 250 and TV 1000. Increased safety, efficiency and quality are the benefits. 

The Fleet Cloud system samples information from the machines, and by using this information correctly you have the opportunity to:

  1. Ensure the quality of a service provided, and thus, for example, increase the air safety by:
    • Always knowing where the machines are, what they do and who is driving.
    • Knowing which tasks are performed and how they are performed.
    • Knowing when, where and who performed the task.
  2. Reduce the environmental effects by:
    • Optimize the consumption of de-icing agent on the runway.
    • Knowing where and how much de-icing agent that is spread.
    • Know how much fuel that is used per work session, machine, area and driver.
  3. Increase the efficiency by:
    • Optimize the machine usage.
    • Reduce the cost on fuel and de-icing agent.
    • Maximize uptime by knowing actual fuel levels, de-icing agent levels and having a well informed maintenance planning.


During the development the focus has been on customer satisfaction, user-friedliness and reliability.
Fleet Cloud is already in use on EuroAirport og Schiphol Airport together with some Norwegian Airports, where this has been well received. This has given us the opportunity to study the real-life functionality. Other well known customers in Europe has already placed orders on machines with Fleet Cloud from Øveraasen.

The development of Fleet Cloud has been done in cooperation with professional and established developers of machine control, cloud services and web services.