Rough passage for the “Øveraasen sailors”

Rough passage for the “Øveraasen sailors”

After 13 days in the North Atlantic the sailing yacht Hemith IV reached Fort William in Scotland on the 19th of August. On board the boss himself, Knut Martin, Stein Erik and an American with the name Robert. 

They got onboard the yacht on the west side of Newfoundland 3 weeks earlier. Mille and Fredrik where forced to go the Fox Harbor on Newfoundland because of a really bad storm.

                          Fredrik & Mille

This whole passage was a Team Building session very different from others. Three days with a really bad storm with winds up to 60 knots, huge waves, big wakes, total lack of wind, icebergs, whales and dolphins. 


It was fantastic to make such a sailing together with close colleagues, who were able to prove that they are able to handle any challenge.
Winter, summer, snow or rain!

A memory for life for all of us onboard. 

           Stein Erik, Thor Arve og Knut-Martin

Today September 10th we can welcome Hemith IV home to Scandinavia after a "short" three days crossing from Inverness in Scotland to Skagen in Danemark.

On the last leg Oddvin was also a part of the team.