The best Inter Airport Exhibition ever!

The best Inter Airport Exhibition ever!

During the week of October 9th to 13th, Øveraasen successfully participated at the inter Airport exhibition in Munich. The weather was excellent, which gave the visitors the opportunity to spend a lot of time in the open air area of the exhibition. The Øveraasen staff at the stand were able to welcome almost twice as many visitors from all over the world compared to the exhibition two years ago.

As this show in Munich is the biggest event in our industry, Øveraasen spend a lot of efforts to present the company and the advanced products in the best possible way. The three machines shown in Munich were the TV 1000, the RSC 250 and the RS 400. All of them product in the modern and advanced series of Performance Line products. In fact those product which were presented 4 years ago already contribute to more the 70 % of Øveraasen's annual turnover. A remarkable success…..

The main focus at the exhibition was; - get connected, with a strong focus of the advanced Øveraasen Fleet Cloud system. A unique fleet management system which will contribute strongly to take care of all type of machines in a better and more economical way, as well as giving the airport a tool to report recent activities, plan maintenance and repairs in a most beneficial way. All machines equipped with the Fleet Cloud are in directly on-line contact both with the customer and the Øveraasen Service Centre in Norway. Many customers were also strongly interested to have the Fleet Cloud system installed in other type of machines which are in use at the airport. In fact the Fleet Cloud is absolutely not limited to be used on snow removal equipment by Øveraasen, but on the contrary it can be used on all types of vehicles.

One part of the stand was devoted to Yeti and the futuristic autonomous snow clearing of today's busy airports. The company Yeti has been founded by Semcon in Sweden and Øveeraasen in a 50/50 joint venture project. The first contract was signed almost a year ago with Avinor in Norway. The target of the first project is to show automatic driving and automatic snow clearing at Bodø Airport in March 2018. Bodø is in the northern part of Norway, above the arctic circle, and should give excellent conditions to test the autonomous snow removal under the worst possible winter conditions. We are confident that this will be the future and look forward to tell our customers more about it at a later stage.

Once again the Munich show was a clear proof of Øveraasen's world leading position in airport snow clearing.

Norwegian Snow How developed during decades by the Snow Professionals….

Thanks to those of you who were able to visit us in Munich!

Thor Øveraasen