Øveraasen machines on the road to Turkey

Øveraasen machines on the road to Turkey

Nine large trucks on their way to Istanbul and the new IGA Airport.

2018-11 Delivery to Istanbul

2018-11 Delivery Istanbul

The new IGA airport has a capacity of app. 90 million passengers and will within a couple of years be further developed to handle 130 million travellers. This makes the IGA Airport to the largest airport in the world.

About one year ago Øveraasen signed one of the company’s largest contracts ever to supply 40 large snow removal machines. The contract includes the RSC 250 compact snow sweeper, the RS 400 large size tow behind runway snow sweeper and four TV 1000+ snow blowers. The snow sweepers are all mounted to Mercedes Arocs truck chassis.

The deliveries started the early summer and are now finished one month prior to the date stated in the contract.

Överaasen is proud to be able to deliver first class machines, in the most professional within the time limits set by the customer.

2018-11 Istanbul RS 400

2018-11 Istanbul RS 400 first plane