Lodz Airport takes delivery of RSC 250

Lodz Airport takes delivery of RSC 250

Representatives from the polish Airport Lodz took recently delivery of their first RSC 250 Compact sweeper.

This unit is the first of its kind in Poland, although there are several contracts signed between Øveraasen and airport customers all over Europe. These deliveries will take place in 2015 and 2016.

Included in the same contract Lodz Airport also will take delivery of a large size Runway Sweeper mounted to a Mercedes truck chassis.
The machine is the RS 400 Performance Line introduced at Inter Airport in 2013

During the FAT we were also able to celebrate that this machine was the 50th unit delivered to the Polish market through Integra which represent Øveraasen in Poland.

Øveraasen takes this opportunity to express their high recognition for the fantastic results to Mr. Slawomir Kaminski who is the owner of Integra.