Øveraasen RSC 400 SPA

Bigger - Faster - Better!

Øveraasen RSC 400 SPA

Bigger - Faster - Better !

The Company Øveraasen has during this winter introduced a new type of machine to the market. The snow sweeper has been designed to be buildt on to a 510 HP Mercedes chassis. The chassis is directly build on to the RS 400 snow sweeper unit and forms a compact and flexible unit.

All  six wheels are steerable and together with the articulated steering the turning radius is remarkable small with only 10.8 meters.

The machine is also equipped with a Dammann Sprayer unit with a tank capacity of 3000 litres. The sprayer has a working width up to 16 meters.

 RSC 400 SPA fra siden

The working width of the plow is 7,3 meters and the brush cleans a path of 6,1 meters, at speeds up to 65 km/h. The maximun clearing capacity is 475 000 m²/h.

Øveraasen has during this winter carried out intensive tests both in Norway and abroad, with extremely positive feedback from the market.

The model is RSC 400 SPA (SP=Sprayer, A=Articulated). In the future this type of machines will also be available in automomous and semi-autonomous versions.

A big step into the future!

RSC 400 SPA bakfra

RSC 400 SPA front

RSC 400 SPA bakdel