Vive la France!!

Vive la France!!

Last year Øveraasen signed a contract for the supply of compact snow sweepers with Aeroport de Paris. Deliveries will start this year and the first unit has now been inspected and approved for delivery. 

Øveraasen will supply their model RSC 250 on the Scania 450 HP chassis with the EP 6 snow plough with snow stoppers in the front (see photo below). In addition to the standard snow sweeper the unit is also equipped with a 5000 liter Dammann sprayer system. The sprayer has the possibility to have a working width up to 17 meters. Asymmetric spraying is also possible. With this machine the user has the possibility of ploughing, sweeping, blowing and spraying at the same time. All machines under this contract are equipped with the Øveraasen Fleet Cloud vehicle monitoring system. This system is already in use at close to 200 machines world wide

The pictures are showing the representatives of AdP and the proud group of Øveraasen employees. All of them very satisfied with this important contract!

FAT Øveraasen

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