Black without Salt

Black without Salt

From 2014 Øveraasen is intensifying the focus on snow removal equipment for the road.

This is done through the launching of several new products, enhanced sales organization and modernization of the existing product range.

The company's latest development, Black without Salt, is a concept that will help create safer roads without using the same amount of salt as before.

The concept consists of a unique element plow mounted with a slush blade on regular truck and a trailed powerful rotating brush. The plough is named Odin and the brush is Balder - to symbolize the strength of the gods in the Norse mythology!

Odin og Balder

The idea behind the Øveraasen concept is to clean the road surface and optimize friction with 4 steps in one operation:

  1. The Odin front plow clears most of the snow.
  2. The Slush blade system will clear more snow/slush also in wheel tracks.
  3. The high speed brush Balder removes any snow/slush that is remaining.
  4. Finally a small amount of Brine is applied with the integrated Brine sprayer.

The results of this concept are improved snow and slush clearing, better road safety and environmental benefits through reduction of salt and brine usage.

Balder can as an option be equipped with a brine sprayer with up to a 3 lanes working width. Both width and amount can be adjusted automtically, and easily be controlled by GPS for simple use, reporting and documentation.

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