The Koreaen Brakethrough

The Koreaen Brakethrough

The first order for airport snow removal equipment from Øveraasen to Korea.

Øveraasen was a few months ago given the contract to supply their new RS 400 Performance Line snow sweepers to the Incheon International Airport in Seoul. 

The contract contains the following equipment:

  • 4 pcs Mercedes Arocs towing trucks
  • 4 pcs Øveraasen RS 400 Performance line snow sweepers with front air blast
  • 4 pcs Øveraasen EP 9 snow ploughs
  • Training and supervising

During the last week of October the Korean group came to Norway for the Factory Acceptance Test of the equipment.

The picture shows the Korean group consisting of Kim Nam Jung, Kwon Soon Won, Seo Byung Seok and Kim Young Hoon together with Oddvin Wedøe and Thor Øveraasen.

The machines left Norway yesterday for a six week long boat transfer to Korea where they are supposed to arrive in the middle of December.