Press Release Yeti Snow Technology

Increasing the focus on autonomous solutions – Husqvarna becomes at part in Yeti Snow Technology.

Yeti Snow Technology is developing autonomous snow clearing solutions for airports and can in the future offer its application for new areas. Toady, it has been announced that Husqvarna will be a partial owner in the company together with Semcon and Øveraasen. With that, new possibilities are waiting to be explored with that smart technology.

Yeti Snow Technology has developed an advanced system for self-driving vehicles used in areas where high requirements for safety, precision and availability. Up to now, the focus has been on snow clearing on the runways of airports and in the winter season 2018/19, over 40 successful test haven been conducted at Oslo Airport (Norway). With Husqvarna joining the joint venture, new possibilities for other areas are coming into focus.

Øveraasen is proud that focus area with autonomous snow removal has reached international attention and that Swedish Husqvarna now becomes a partial owner in Yeti Snow Technology.

For Øveraasen that means that we can offer our customer tomorrows solutions that can help with a more effective organization of their airports and reduce their cost. With automated solutions, all gathered in a control system, the airports kan coordinate their tasks from a control room and use their machines in a more efficient way.

–We are looking forward to the exciting collaboration with Husqvarna, says Thor Arve Øveraasen, CEO at Øveraasen. The owners of Yeti are gathering a great amount of industrial and unique competence their fields and together we can develop tomorrow solutions that our customers are requesting.

Husqvarna is leading in its marked in grass moving and with autonomous solutions, airports can effectives a time-consuming job.

– Autonomous technology has a long time been a focus area for us at Husqvarna Group. With combining our knowledge together with the expertise and experience at our new partner Yeti Snow Technology is the target to revolutionize the airports maintenance and increase the safety, reducing the cost and offer an even better customer experience, says Sascha Menges, President Husqvarna Division.

The three companies will be equal owners at Yeti Snow Technology and the target with the collaboration is to further develop autonomous solutions for airports and in the future for other areas.

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