LHA 3600 Plow Sweeper

  • Professional equipment for effective cleaning of signal lights
  • Quality combined with the best components
  • For wheel loaders and tractors

Runway Light Plow

Robust framework made of high quality steel and components ensure reliability, efficiency and durability in operation Hydraulic components are designed for use at low temperatures.

The optimal angle of cutting edges, wedge geometry and shape of the wings ensures the effective removal of snow to the sides, reduce the resistance of the snow mass and reduce fuel consumption.

The unique design provides an excellent visibility of the working brushes and the front part of the plow.

Accurate hydraulics enables quick opening of the wedge, stepless speed adjustment of the brushes and soft bristles cleans the ground lights quickly and with care.

Available adaptor options are 3-point cat. 2/3 for tractors, furnished with adjustment of the working brushes, two pairs of support racks with skids, straight bolt on edges Hardoxs 500NV, reflectors and tapes.

Technical data

Product   LHA 3600
Working width A 142 in (3600 mm)
Overall length B 113 in (2870 mm) 
Min. wing height C 27 in (680 mm)
Max. wing height D 42 in (1070 mm)
Width of opening of plow  E 31 in (800 mm)
Diameter of bristles F 28 in (700 mm)
Overall width G 142 in (3600 mm)
Ground Clearance H 26 in (670 mm)
Min. oil requirements   10,6 gallons/min (40 litres/min)
Max. oil supply   26,4 gallons/min (100 litres/min)
Max pressure   4350 psi (300 bar)
Weight   2094 lb (950 kg)


    • Robust support wheels
    • 12 or 24V solenoid valve for connecting
    • Remote control unit
    • Oil flow/speed regulator of brushes
    • Different cutting edge options
    • perforated blades
    • rubber
    • polypropylene
    • LED lights