A Monsterblower to Hamburg Airport

Øveraasen AS will this week deliver a monster of a snowblower to Hamburg Airport. This is not any type of machine, but by far the world's largest self-propelled snow blower.

The capacity is 12,000 tonnes of snow per hour with a throwing length of 40-50 meters. To illustrate the enormous capacity involved, this is equivalent to the fact that three passenger cars are thrown 40-50 meters every second.
The construction time has been approx. 10 months, and everything is built from the ground up on Gjøvik.

Technical data:
  • Type: TV 2200
  • Engine: MTU V12, 69 liters
  • Engine rating: 2250 hp
  • Weight: 39 000 kg
  • Clearing width: 3 400 mm
  • Capacity: 12 000 tons/hour
  • Casting distance: 20 - 50 meters