Young dynamic leadergroup

As a world leading producer of advanced snow removal equipment in ur industry, we have great ambition to contribute to achieving some of the UN's sustainability goals by 2030.

We as a company have a great responsibility and we will use our position and focus on working towards achieving the UN's sustainability goals.


One focus area for Øveraasen is
Sustainability Goal 5 Gender equality.


We are focusing on promoting gender equality by providing equal conditions and being highly valued regardless of gender, background, culture or orientation.

In a traditional male dominated industry, we are proud to introduce our management team which consists of 7 people including 3 women.

From left Paulina Strand, Mille Øveraasen and Mari Randen Opseth.

Mari Randen Opseth is our new CFO (finacial manager). She has worked in Øveraasen for 5 years and took the step up and became part of our management team 1 May 2021.

Paulina Strand is our new aftersales manager. Paulina has worked in Øveraasen since 2019 and took over the role as CASO 1 May 2021.

Mille Øveraasen has taken on the role of marketing manager with responsibility for communication and sustainability.

 All three are young, ambitious and have very good professional knowledge in their fields.