Electric car chargers installed

The UN’s Sustainability Goals are a natural part of the development of Øveraasen.
One goal we are focusing one is Goal 13 Climate Action and in the last few weeks we have installed electric car chargers.




Øveraasen aims to be an environmental and social responsible company and it is an important strategic choice for Øveraasen to have the chargers installed.


It is a small, but big step to secure the business for the future. By installing electric car chargers we are making it easier for our employees to make "greener" choices as it is now easier to drive fully electric to and from work» Says CEO Thor Arve Øveraasen

By installing electric car chargers, we are taking a small, but important step in Øveraasen's goal "being a leader in sustainable growth and development", he adds.

We have also installed guest chargers that can be used by our guests who need to charge their cars while visiting.

At the same time, we have a new and well-functioning bicycle parking with good faciliticies for electric bicycles.

Our goal is that by 2030, Øveraasen, with the help from our employees, will greatly reduce our CO2 footprint. We hope that this small installation will help our employees to contribute and think "greener" also when it comes to travel to and from work.