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5 pcs Runway Light Plough to Sweden

Øveraasen Sweden AB deliveres runway Light brushes

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ØVERAASEN Snow Removal Equipment - Norwegian Snow How  

Airport Equipment

Øveraasen delivers runway sweepers, selfpropelled snowblowers, unit snowblowers which effectively cleans runways, taxiways and aprons for snow on airports. 

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Road Equipment

Øveraasen has produced snow removal equipment for more than 90 years. Our V-plows, diagonal, element-ploughs and snowblowers for roads handles all types of snow. 

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Railroad Equipment

Øveraasen equipment for railroad snow removal are customized with a flexible range of products like power packs, track cleaners, brushes and snow blowers. 

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Used Equipment

Øveraasen sell used equipment.
As it is or after a complete overhaul/service. 

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Service & Support

Excellent service, superior quality, punctual deliveries - our team is there for you. 

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Contact us

Please contact us if you have any questions or just want to have a ploughchat. 

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News from the snow professionals  

Sustainability in Øveraasen

The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals is a natural part of the development of Øveraasen, and we see that the demand for sustainable solutions are increasing.

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Snow blowers bound for Antarctica

Recently, British Antarctic Survey ordered a new Øveraasen UTV 600 Snow Blower

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Worlds largest fleet of Øveraasen Equipment

Istanbul Airport, IGA, which were opened 29 October 2018 has the biggest fleet of Øveraasen equipment located in one Airport.

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Winter is still strong

Even in mid-April, there are still winter conditions on Hardangervidda, one of the toughest mountain passes in Norway.

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Big contract signed with Avinor

The framework agreement is worth up to EUR 40 million over a period of 8 years.
The contract encompasses the purchase of runway sweepers for use at Avinor’s airports featuring autonomous solutions.

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Øveraasen UTV 175

Delivery of Øveraasen UTV 175 in Kiruna, Sweden.

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Another milestone on the way to Autonomy!

Swedavia is during next week taking delivery of the first RS 400 Performance Line runway sweepers for Stockholm Arlanda Airport. The contract between Øveraasen AS and Swedavia was signed last year and in spite of the challenging Corona situation the machines are delivered before the winter season of 2020/2021. All together 20 units are going to be delivered this year.

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New Chemical Sprayers to Swedavia

Øveraasen have delivered 8 pcs. chemical sprayers and spreaders to Swedavia.

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Øveraasen goes to Sweden

Øveraasen has recently established its own daughter company in Sweden. The company is established in Norrköping some 100 km south of Stockholm. 

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