About Øveraasen

In 1908 Hans and Even Øveraasen founded the family business with a lot of pioneering spirit.

For more than 80 years our company’s philosophy has been: "We shall use our resources, exclusively for the design and development of snow clearing equipment". Today we are in a leading position in this small, highly specialized niche market.

We have developed and manufactured snow ploughs, snow blowers and runway sweepers for more than 80 years. The weather conditions in our markets varies greatly, and we deliver snow clearing equipment suitable to each customers needs and requirements.

Historisk bilde

The world's first snowplough mounted on car built at Øveraasen in 1923.

Our customers have high demands to quality, performance, reliability, efficiency and ease of service to our equipment – that is the only way to guarantee safe winter operations at airports, railways and on roads under any weather condition. Therefore, our focus is constantly to improve our products. For decades we have cooperated with our Norwegian customers, who have contributed to our "Snow How" – where our snow removal equipment have worked under extreme climatic conditions. All our customers benefits from this experience today.

As an independent company, we can – with our knowledge about difficult snow and weather conditions combined with our global experience – at any time meet the individual needs of our customers. This means that you can be sure to receive the most economical and optimal type of equipment from Øveraasen!

Our range of products varies from simple snow ploughs up to the biggest and most advanced snow clearing equipment. In 2013, we delivered the world’s largest snow blower to Oslo Airport Gardermoen. A mega blower with more than 2200 hp.

TV2200 Snow Blower 2

Øveraasen technology is present at almost all international airports from Frankfurt to Madrid, from New York to the highest situated airport in the world; Bangda/Tibet. As one of the world‘s leading companies in the industry, we have made ground breaking developments: From the latest generation of RS sweepers – Performance Line to the world’s largest snow blower for runways and aprons with more than 2200 hp engine performance.

Product Development and Design
Product development is important for Øveraasen and we invest considerable amounts every year in our research and development department.

When it comes to snow removal, our customers expect the highest level of competence from us. To fulfil these expectations is our ultimate goal. For this reason we have in the recent years invested heavily in developing new and improved products. The focus for our engineers and designers lies especially at the growing needs from our customers for safe and high performance equipment.

Outstanding as a whole, perfect in detail
The growing focus on snow removal operations at the airports can only be met by modern and efficient snow removal equipment, with excellence in every detail; from the low maintenance power unit to the simple control panel. Unlike most other snow removal equipment Øveraasen manufacture equipment which can be used in combination with different types of carrying vehicles, quickly removable and flexible. These modular systems offer our customers great flexibility in the application and the best and most beneficial economical solutions.

Assembly and test
All the main areas of our supply chain are coordinated from the headquarter in Gjøvik: purchasing, warehousing, painting and assembly of the finished product, transportation and handover/training. Each unit is thoroughly tested before it is delivered to the customer.

Quality assurance
Øveraasen has its own modern quality assurance system and is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. We also match the highest military standards (AQAP).