Black without Salt

A complete new concept consisting of a plough with slush elements and a trailed powerful rotating brush.

The idea is to get safer roads without using the amount of salt that we are used to. The result using this concept is substantially improved friction and road conditions, as well as you achieve major environmental benefits. If required a brine sprayer, with up to 3 lanes working width, can be fitted at the rear end of the sweeper. The brine amount is automatically adjusted and can be GPS – controlled for easy use, reporting and documentation.

With this concept the road is being cleared in four steps:

  1. The main blade clears most of the snow.
  2. Remains and the slush are removed with the slush elements, which are an integrated part of the main blade.
  3. A powerful rotating brush joins efficiently the roadway profile and removes the remaining snow and slush.
  4. If necessary, the road can be sprayed with a small amount of brine. Thanks to the thorough mechanical removal of snow and slush described in steps 1-3, the amount of salt can be reduced considerably compared to what you are used to from the past.