Road Equipment

In our different markets climate and snow conditions can vary greatly, creating the need for snow clearing equipment with different designs and functions.

Since the worlds first snow plough mounted on a car, was developed and manufactured by Øveraasen back in 1923, there has been a tremendous development in this area. With our V Snow Ploughs, Diagonal Ploughs and Element Ploughs we keep mountain passes, city streets and parking areas open during the rough winter months.

Øveraasen snow blowers for roads are build to handle all kinds of snow, even wet, hard-packed or icy snow. In combination with front end loaders they are extremely effective for normal snow clearing, clearing drifts, widening roads as well as loading snow on trucks.

Øveraasen latest development is the concept of "Black without Salt". The idea behind this concept is to clear the road surface in four steps in one operation, with less salt then we are used to. The result is significantly better road conditions, increased safety, improved economy and significant environmental benefits.

Road Snow Blowers

UTV 175 / UTV 240

The Øveraasen UTV 175 / UTV 240 Performance Line is suitable for normal snow removal, widening roads as well as loading snow on to trucks in built-up areas.

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UTV 300 / UTV 380

A flexible snowblower, designed for snowclearing on roads and airport in the hardest weather and snow conditions.

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UTV 445 / UTV 550

Designed for snowclearing on roads and airports in the hardest weather and snow conditions.

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UPV 450 Twin Spin

Øveraasen UPV 450 Twin Spin is designed for snowclearing at mountain passes in the hardest weather and snow conditions

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Hydraulic Driven Snow Blowers

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Snow Ploughs

Turnable Diagonal Snow Ploughs

Øveraasens turnable diagnol ploughs are a futher development of the well known diagonal ploughs.

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V-Snow Ploughs

Designed for clearing roads in snowy areas and mountain passes. 

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Other Road Equipment

Black without Salt

Black without Salt is a complete new concept from Øveraasen which reduce the need of salt when clearing snow on the roads.

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