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A system for documenting, monitoring, servicing and supporting your machine fleet
anywhere and at any time.

All machines delivered from Øveraasen after 2021 has a service management system installed. 

By unlocking the system customers will get the full benefit of insight and information from every machine in the fleet.

Independent of brand and manufacture, Fleet Cloud can be fitted to any modern machine.

The Fleet Cloud System gets the very best out of your equipment.

All the operating data – both for each machine and for the entire fleet – is continuously recorded.

Detailed analyses show exactly where there is potential for optimization and how you can manage your operations even more efficiently.

In addition, you can plan maintenance more precisely and – a key benefit of the Fleet Cloud System – pre-program* the entire fleet for different operating scenarios.

*Only Øveraasen products

Cloud Based Portal

You can do all this, at any time and wherever.

The Fleet Cloud System is a two-way communication platform that provides you with comprehensive support.

It is a highly efficient cloud based tool for the advanced planning, monitoring and for detailed analysis of all your operations.

Real-time parameters such as fuel and chemical volumes as well as critical engine information can be monitored and documented in reports.

For example to provide proof of your efforts to achieve greater sustainability and improved environmental protection. 

Easy reporting

  • No unregistered jobs
  • Everything that shall be reported/invoiced are in one system.

Extended Service

  • Fast reaction
  • Remote troubleshooting
  • Remote softeware updates
  • Maintenance planning based on real operational data