V-snow ploughs


  • Strong design
  • Perfect casting performance
  • Perfect shape of plough wings
  • Replaceable standardized wear parts
  • Minimum of drifting snow
  • "Turbowing"

V-Snow Ploughs

The Øveraasen's V-ploughs are effective snow ploughs specifically designed for snow removal on roads in snowy areas and mountain passes.

This plow type are generally used in areas with heavy snow and drifts.

The current range consists of the E-model and FS-model.

The E-plough has medium high wings and super casting performance.
You can have the E-plough symetric or asymetric sided. 

The FS-model has higher wings and extreme casting performance.

The patented "Turbo Wing" is integrated to improve the visibility for the driver and gives an even more fantastic casting performance.  

Technical data

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All measures in millimetres


  • DuoLift Parallellogram
  • Quick coupling
  • Rubber deflector
  • Front ski