Track Cleaner


  • Effective removal of snow on the tracks
  • Removes snow below track top and on both sides
  • Rear mounted snow plough

L 285 Track Cleaner

The Track Cleaner L 285 is s rear mounted snow plough for railway tracks.

The L 285 cleans approximately 70 mm under the rail top and out to about 1600 mm from the center of the railroad track.

The snow plough has a unique design which will throw snow up and away from the railway track. 

An operator panel is included and from this panel the track cleaner can be raised and lowered.


Technical data

Working width 3 250 mm
Transport width 3 250 mm
Height 1 350 mm
Length 1 800 mm
Clearing depth 70 mm
Transport height  200 mm
Weight 795 kg