Øveraasen Sustainability Report

Sustainablitity Report 2022/2023

Øveraasens Sustainable Development Goals

The UN’s Sustainability Goals are a natural part of the development of Øveraasen, and the demand for sustainable solutions are increasing.

Øveraasen as a worldleading manufacturer of snow removal equipment for airports, roads and railroads we have a great responsibility and we will use our position and focus on working towards some of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


Since the foundation of Øveraasen in 1908, we have left deep traces behind us in several places in the world, and together with the rest of the world we now facing several of the biggest and most difficult challenges in the companys 112 year history.

Climate change, pandemics and unsustainable industry are changing our entire way of living and our vulnerable planet.

Øveraasen shall leave a footprint we can be proud of, contribute to sustainable development and create a positive change through daily work.

These ambitions are why Øveraasen every day strive to develop better , more high-tech machines - constantly focusing on the latest in alternative energy sources, cooperation and safe workplaces.

This is why Øveraasen will work closely with our customers, subcontractors and other partners to develop our products to become more environmentally friendly. With the use of advanced technology we will meet the requirements of both customers, users and other interest organizations.

Øveraasen will, both as a company and through our products, affect either directly or indirectly many of the UNs Sustainable Development Goals and we have chosen to focus on these goals:



We strive everyday to use good, up-to-date and environmentally friendly methods in our production.

Our products shall inspire to use resources that have minimal impact on the environment.

Our products shall be smart, have a long life with
high-quality technical solutions.

Long Life Cycle = solid design

Improved rust resistance, easy product repair where key components can be replaced or repaired.

When Øveraasen chooses suppliers, we take into account the environment, human rights and good working conditions.

We are certified according to ISO-14001 and we work daily to 
reduce negative effects on the environment through energyc consumption, waste management, resource planning and compliance with environmental requirements.

To reduce the risk of pollution to air, soil and water, we follow our strick routines and procedures for how to treat the waste.


Øveraasen shall be more efficient and have focus on climate-smart production and reduce energy consumption from heating, ventilation and production.

We stive everyday to make logistics more efficient and environmentally friendly by reducing transport distances, optimizing packing and utilizing capacity.

We will share our knowledge on how to be more efficient when it comes to snow removal, minimizing emissions that affect climate change and using up-to-date technology and resources. 

Focusing on digitalisation and increased use of technology-driven communication to replace unnecessary travel activities.

Øveraasen aims to b a «Know How» company where we have high
demands when it comes to professional competence, integrity,
and collaboration ability, in all parts of the business, from the
board to the skilled worker in order to maintain a good
relationship with the customer and achieve profitability.

Øveraasen shall be a company that takes responsibility for its employees and gives them equal opportunities, regardless of gender and functional ability.

We seek to educate people with the right skills and involve ourselves in the local community by hiring apprentices and placement students. We will contribute to a motivating and timely education, with the right knowledge for the future.

Øveraasen shall promote gender equality by providing equal conditions and equal valuation regardless of gender, background, culture or orientation.

Employ people with the right skills and education, and provide all with the same opportunities, responsibilities and development.

Responsible selection of suppliers and materials. When we choose suppliers, we will take into account the environment, human 
                                           rights and good working conditions.

Ensure that the Øveraasen employees are taken care of through
good routines and rules following the current regulations for
health, environment and safety.

Through good routines minimize injuries and sick leave - our vision is "zero injuries" and less than 3% sick leave.

Through safe, social and stable working conditions, we want to contribute to well-being and growth.

To succeed with the sustainable development goals, new and strong partnership must be established. Authorities, private and public sector together with the civil society must work together to achieve sustainable development.  

Øveraasen will work actively to establish partnerships for sustainable industrial operations.

We will work closely with our customers, subcontractors and others                                             partners to constantly develop our products more environmentally                                             friendly.


We cannot save the world alone, but we can contribute so that 
UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are being achieved by 2030