The largest compact runway sweeper

Key benefits

  • High performance
  • User friendly operation
  • High capacity air fan
  • Large brush diameter
  • Automatic brush adjustment system
  • Runway qualified
  • On-board diagnostic tools

RSC 400 Performance Line

RSC 400 is the largest compact runway sweeper among the Øveraasen compact runway sweepers.
The machine is designed as a 6x4 vehichle utilizing a stanard truck tractor head.

The RSC 400 is designed for use on runways, taxiways and narrow apron areas where the RSC machines offer the highest degree of maneuverability and clearing performance.

The largest advantages of the Øveraasen RSC 400 compact runway sweepers are the compact design, the flexibility and the high working speed.
This makes the Øveraasen RSC 400 compact unique for the market for unrestricted use on runways, taxiways and aprons.

In combination with the latest control technology, the machine can be maneuvered in challenging enviroments highly accuratly, especially in narrow spaces.




Technical data

Height 3 250 mm
Width 6 245 mm
Width transport wo/plough 2 525 mm
Length wo /plough 13 500 mm
Brush diameter 1 170 mm
Brush length 6 240 mm
Brush material Steel or Poly
Brush speed 0-720 rpm
Working width 5 500 mm
Clearing capacity 330 000 m²/h
Working speed 20-60 km/h
Fan capacity 40 000 /h
Blowing speed at nozzle 150 m/s
Engine MTU 6R1100 EU Stage IV
Power rating at 2 200 rpm 320 kW
Torque at 1 500 rpm 1 400 Nm
Fuel tank 1 000 l
AdBlue tank 2x45 l
Hydraulic oil tank 150 l
Electrical system 24 V 
Batteries 2x12V 170 Ah 
Controllers Danfoss Plus1 
Chassis Mercedes or Scania
Snow plough Øveraasen EP 6