Turnable diagonal ploughs DLS/DHS/

Key benefits

  • Available with low, medium or high castng
  • Replaceable standardized wear parts
  • High performance

Turnable diagonal ploughs

Øveraasens newest plough is a futher development of the well proven and well known diagonal ploughs.

The turnable ploughs has a strong and powerful design which gives the ploughs stability and smooth operation.

With the new turnable frame the plough can turn for normal working position at 37 degrees to right to 30 degrees to the left.

The plough can be turned when it moves, and gives markable advantages when cross clearing, roundabouts etc.

There are 3 different models: DLS (low), DHS (high) and DEHS (extra high). 

The snow ploughs are used in combination with Øveraasen lifting device; DuoLift.

The ploughs can be equipped with skis or wheels according to the different road conditions.

Diagonalplog svingbar jan 3018

Diagonalplog-svingbar fra siden 12-02-2015

Diagonalplog med sving fra siden 2018

Diagonalplog med sving på traktor 2018


Diagoanplog-sving traktor 2018 i bruk

Technical data

Type       A       B      C     D     E Weight*
DLS 285 D  1 600 mm   2 850 mm   3 125 mm   700 mm   0 mm  1 310 kg  
DHS 285 D  1 800 mm  2 850 mm  3 125 mm  730 mm  0 mm   1 360 kg 
DEHS 285 D  1 800 mm  2 850 mm  3 030 mm  730 mm  300 mm   1 410 kg 
          * with Duolift og ski





  • Wheels L+R
  • Hard metal scraper blades
  • 36 mm combi scraper blades