Railroad Equipment

The Øveraasen railroad snow removal equipment covers a wide range of machines and equipment. From simple small snow blowers and ploughs to the world’s largest rail-bound snow blower with more than 3000 hp and a weight of approximately 70 tons.

For many years Øveraasen has supplied modular equipment such as power packs, snow brushes, snow blowers and lifting devices for various types of rail bound maintenance vehicles.

The maintenance vehicle is a common machine used for track maintenance jobs. We offer light to medium heavy snow removal equipment for such machines. The equipment can be mounted on the front and rear buffer plate. A power pack is mounted on the flatbed to provide hydraulic power to the different kinds of snow removal equipment.

Since our customer operates under extreme and various conditions we offer a number of customized solutions to meet the different requirements.

Railroad Equipment

Lifting Devices

Øveraasen has different types of lifting devices used for connecting the snow removal equipment to the carrier

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Power Packs

Diesel hydraulic power packs for operating snow blowers, brushes and other hydraulic powered equipment

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Railroad Brush

Øveraasen offers a variety of rear and frontmounted brushes, single angle brushes and double, movable brushes

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Rail Snow Blowers

150 H PS Spilt Snow Blower

Øveraasen 150 H PS is a snow blower for railroads with two snow blowers that can be moved separtly

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V 100 Split Snow Blower

Øveraasen V 100 Split Snow Blower is a snow clearing unit for railways, with variable widths for better clearing of e.g. cuttings

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V 130 Split Snow Blower

Øveraasen V 130 is two snow blowers monted on one frame

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Track Cleaners

L 285 Track Cleaner

It is a rear mounted snow plough for railway tracks

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SK 250 Track Cleaner

It is a combination with brush and snow blower for effective removal of snow and ice from the railroad tracks

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