• Compact and comfortable
  • Optimum 360° vision
  • Vibration free operation
  • Effective and high capacity
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Easy access to engine and maintenance points

TV 750 Performance Line

TV 750 has a clearing capacity of 6 500 t/h at a casting distance of 25 m, and with this it rounds off the portfolio of applications for the medium performance segment.

The high transport and operating speed makes it possible to carry out the snow clearing reliably and safely in the predefined time window.

Just like the larger models, the TV 750 Performance Line is mounted on a purpose-build chassis with a correspondingly dimensioned diesel engine.

The cab is fitted to the main chassis to ensure low vibrations.

Further, the blower head is working independently from the chassis, and is following the surface precisely.

The TV 750 is equipped with hydraulic suspension and the engine compartment is well accessible for uncomplicated maintenance and easy service. 

Technical data

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Length 10 170 mm
Clearing width 3 000 mm
Clearing heigth 2 000 mm
Cab height front/back 4 500 / 3 970 mm
Clearing speed max. 50 km/h
Clearing capacity at 25 m casting distance 6 500 t/h
Max. casting distance 50 m
Engine Volvo Penta, EU Stage V
Power Output 585 kW
Electrical system 24 V
Fuel Tank 1 000 l
Weight 26 000 kg