Track Cleaner 


  • Perfect cleaning of track
  • Can be angled both to the left and right
  • Front mounted

SK 250 Track Cleaner

It consists of a rotating brush and a rotating impeller/auger.

The brush cleans the snow about 80 mm below the top of the rail.
The brush feeds the snow into a rotating auger with an impeller in the center.

The impeller throws the snow into the chute.
The chute controls the casting of the snow from the railroad track or into a wagon.

The chute is hydraulically operated from the steering panel.
The steeringpanel is placed inside the cabin.


Technical data

Width 2 784 mm
Length wo/wings 2 300 mm
Length w/wings 3 500 mm
Height with chute ca 3 400 mm
Working width 2 500 - 4 300 mm
Brush diameter 900 mm
Chute diameter 750 mm