Øveraasen Servicesenter

Excellent service, superior quality, punctual spare part deliveries are the principles of our company.

Whether you need advice or just want to discuss technical matters, our team is there for you. We appreciate the close contact with our customers and the exchange of experience. Only in this way we are able to develop our products according to your needs.


Øveraasen service center is available on a 24-7 basis during the winter season.

Øveraasen ensures that airplanes, trains and other traffic are on time even under bad winter conditions.

The Øveraasen service center provides fast and flexible use of our service technicians – around the clock!

We offer fast, competent and reliable consulting, as well as support in case of emergencies. Being a partner to its customers, Øveraasen can be at the site in case of service or repairs in just a few hours.

Well-trained, experienced service engineers will carry out the required work quickly and professionally.

In addition to our own personnel, working out of Norway, we have a strong network of service partners in different markets where our machines are in use.

You, as a customer, will get immediate help and support in your local language.

Not to forget the Øveraasen service center in Germany and Sweden and local dealer service teams around the world.

All dealers have gone through a detailed training at the factory.

Normal service
For normal service contact, quote or orders, send us a mail to:
or dial us at +47 61 14 60 00

Emergency support
You can reach the Øveraasen service center for emergency support outside of business hours by dialing;
Tel. No.: +47 90 65 12 00



Øveraasen guarantee spare part deliveries for a minimum of 20 years - we have a complete inventory of spare parts at our main factory in Gjøvik.

If parts are ordered before 12.00 hrs they should normally leave the factory the same day.

In case spare parts are needed, our professional spare part department will assist you, identifying the necessary parts and give information about price and delivery.

We will organize the shipments by post, road transportation or courier service.

For Spare Parts quote or orders, send us a mail to: 
or dial us at +47 61 14 60 00