two individual Snow Blowers


  • Two snow blowers
  • Can move individually
  • Front mounted

150 H PS Spilt Snow Blower

The Split Snow Blower 150 H PS consists of two individual snow blowers mounted in a frame with a horizontal parallelogram.

The blowers can move individually out to about 3 meters from the center of the railroad track.

The frame is connected to a Duo Lift Rail parallelogram lifting device.

This split Snow Blower unit is mounted in front of the maintenance vehicle.


Technical data

Working width 2 x 1 500 mm
Impeller diameter 2 x 750 mm
Auger 2 x 440 mm
Oil flow / pressure 2 x 180 l/min/190 bar
Total weight 2 900 kg
Length (transport) 2 156 mm
Height (transport) 2 411 mm
Width (transport) 3 000 mm