The compact 
runway sweepers

  • Designed and rated for high speed use
  • Easy to maneuver and user friendly operation
  • High capacity air fan
  • Automatic brush adjustment system
  • On-board diagnostic tools
  • Low operational and maintenance cost

RSC 250 Performance Line

RSC 250 Performance Line is the largest development among the Øveraasen runway sweepers.

The RSC 250 is designed for use on runways, taxiways and narrow apron areas.

The RSC machines offer the highest degree of maneuverability and clearing performance.

The machine is built on a standard chassis with high-tech fiber glass compound materials to provide an advanced and innovative concept in terms of components, surfaces, aerodynamics, user friendly service access and low life cycle cost.

The largest advantage of the Øveraasen RSC compact runaway sweepers is that the vehicles are designed and rated for high speed use.

This makes the Øveraasen RSC compact class unique for the market for unrestricted use, even on runways, without influence on the snow clearing result.

Technical data

Height 3 770 mm
Width 4 380 mm / 4 750 mm
Width transport 2 600 mm
Length 9 715 mm
Brush diameter 920 mm
Brush length 4 160 mm / 4 576 mm
Brush material Steel or Poly
Brush speed 0-900 rpm
Working width 3 600 mm / 4 200 mm
Clearing capacity 234 000 m²/h / 273 000 m²/h
Working speed 20-65 km/h
Fan capacity 40 000 m³/h
Blowing speed 150 m/s
Engine MTU 6R1000 EU Stage IV
Power rating at 2 200 rpm 260 kW/350 hp
Torque at 1 500 rpm 1 400 Nm
Fuel tank 800 l
AdBlue tank 2x45 l
Hydraulic oil tank 150 l
Electrical system 24 V 
Batteries 2x12V 170 Ah 
Controllers Danfoss Plus1 
Chassis Mercedes-Benz Arocs 2036, Scania or others 
Weight 19 750 kg