Finally it's here, - UPV 450 Twin Spin

Øveraasen is pleased to announce that the company is now launching a modern version of the well-known and proven Twin Spin Unit snow blower.

The model has been given the type designation UPV 450 and is equipped with a 450 HP Deutz diesel engine. The engine is certified in line with the latest requirements for environmentally friendly engines, - Euromot Steg V.

The Twin Spin system is an unique concept from Øveraasen, with the highest efficiency on the market. The snow blower has been shown to have a capacity (ton/hour) that is 20 to 25% higher than a two-stage snow blower with the same installed engine power. The capacity is between 4.000 and 4.500 tons/hour with a casting length of approx. 25 to 30 meters.

The weight of the snow blower is 6.400 kg.
This as well as a favorable center of gravity allow the UPV 450 to be used on wheel loaders as low as 16 to 17 tons.

The most important details are:

  • Euromot Stage V diesel engine
  • Reinforced bottom steel
  • Reinforced right side plate         
  • Reinforced framework
  • High edge knives
  • New engine hood
  • Service friendly
  • Modern steering system
  • Favorable weight
  • Favorable center of gravity
  • Possibility of 390kW / 530 HP diesel engine at an additional cost
  • Favorable price

Feel free to contact us for more information.