Next generation of skilled workers

Never before has Øveraasen had more apprentices than this year.

One of the Sustainable Development Goals we are working on at Øveraasen is;
Goal 4 - Quality Education

Øveraasen aims to be the leader when it comes to quality and competence both locally and internationally in our industry.

We are proud to contribute to ensuring that the next generation workers receives a motivating and up-to-date education.

From left Nikolai Lønstad, Viktor Sletvold Thørud, Theodor Magnussen, Hedda Huset, Sverre Fridstrøm, Jonas Løkken-Roalsøy, Daniel Buer, HR og Quality Manager Thor-Christian Øveraasen og Production Manager Kåre Mæhlum.

We wish this fine group of apprentices an interesting and ed ucational time at our plant.

Remember; No skilled workers, no industry