High activity in Snow Blower production department

Øveraasen is experiencing great activity in the snow blower production department this season.

Unit Snow Blowers
Snow blowers such as UTV 175, UTV 380 and UTV 430 are produced continuously.
All machines now with environmentally friendly EU Stage V engines. 

A large order for 25 pcs. UTV 380s for a foreign customer has just been completed.

UPV 450 Twin Spin
At the time of writing, the final assembly of the latest front mounted snow blower type UPV 450 Twin Spin has started.
This is a modern version of the well proven UPV 410/425, intended for use on the toughest mountain passes.

We believe this is a snow blower many have been waiting for!!!

Railway and self-propelled snow blowers
The demand for railway snow removal equipment and large self-propelled snow blowers, is also better than in several years.