Last machine to Bundeswehr delivered

Last machine to Bundeswehr delivered

The last machine shown on the photo was the last machine to be delivered to the German Air Force/Bundeswehr.

We have over the last 9 month manufactured 55 units of the RS 200 MKIII to the German Air Force and at the same time we have delivered a large number of units to other customers.

This year our company will deliver app. 90 units to customers all over the world.

At the same time the last machine to the German Air Force left our assembly line we started up with serial production of the next generation runway sweepers – the Performance Line. This means that by mid-October the first Performance Line unit manufactured in the assembly line will be ready for delivery. 

It is both sad and exciting that we no longer will be producing MK III models. This model has been manufactured in a total number of almost 700 units. 

We are optimistic about the future and look forward to finally start delivering Performance Line in full-scale.

RS 400 Performance Line

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