V 100 SPLIT - a new snowblower for railway

V100 SPLIT - a new snowblower for railway

The new snowblower for Norwegian Railway (Bane NOR), V100 SPLIT from Øveraasen, was tested at Hokksund in February wit excellent results!

The V100 SPLIT consists of two individual side-shifting blower heads attached to a frame for lifting/lowering.

The working width can be adjusted from 2800 mm to 4400 mm. The working height can be adjusted from 70 mm above the top of the rail to 400 mm in the top position (transport position).

The blower chutes can be controlled individually or synchronously. The V100 SPLIT has high capacity and casting length.

See the blower in action below:

Testing Hokksund

Testing Hokksund

Testing Hokksund