Øveraasen AS is opening a new factory in Central Europe

Øveraasen AS opened its new factory on Thursday, 5th December in Grafenhausen, Germany.

Øveraasen AS opened its new factory on Thursday, 5th December in Grafenhausen, Germany. The building process started 17 months ago and the new plant includes production facilities, offices and spare parts warehouse on 2.500 sqm. With a total of around 10.000 sqm land ownership, there is further potential to grow. The investment volume was approximately 5 million Euro.

Øveraasen Deutschland GmbH has been founded 6 years ago. Up to now, the company has rented its facilities in two different places within the Black Forest and it is just natural to gather all activities under one roof. The fantastic opening ceremony has been attended by more than 300 participants. The Municipality of Grafenhausen was represented by its Mayor who was very thankful that Øveraasen has chosen Grafenhausen for its new factory. Grafenhausen can be reached within one hours drive by car from the Airport of Zurich. With that, it is centrally located in Europe and can cover our needs perfectly.

Our new plant in Grafenhausen will mainly focus on the following activities:

  • Assembly, Production and retrofitting the truck chassis for our snow removal equipment
  • Warehouse for spare parts
  • Homebase for our service department in Germany
  • Sales Office for Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland

Øveraasen AS has an annual turnover of around 60 million Euro and is exporting 80 percent of it. Germany has over long time been one of the most important export markets is with that the natural choice when setting up a new factory within the European Union. Together with our employees in Grafenhausen, are are now looking forward to start up our activities in our new facility.