Another milestone on the way to Autonomy!

Swedavia is during next week taking delivery of the first RS 400 Performance Line runway sweepers for Stockholm Arlanda Airport. The contract between Øveraasen AS and Swedavia was signed last year and in spite of the challenging Corona situation the machines are delivered before the winter season of 2020/2021. All together 20 units are going to be delivered this year.

The machines are the latest developments of the proven RS 400 PL and already equipped with the necessary changes to work autonomously at the airport. Full autonomous machines will be in operation at Arlanda during 2021 and in full teams operating the winter season 2021/2022. Swedavia is taking a leading position in respect to autonomous vehicles which will have a positive effect on the total operation costs of  the airport and in addition to the quality of each and every snow clearing operation is supposed to improve considerably. The focus on the environment is a priority for both Swedavia and Øveraasen and the goal is to minimize the quantity of chemical used for de-icing.  The RS 400 PL for Swedavia is capable of ploughing, sweeping, blowing and spraying at the same time. This is new on the world marked for this size snow clearing machines

The main technical features are:

- ploughing width 7,30 meter

- sweeping width 6,10 meter

- spraying width 16,00 meter

- chemical tank 3.700 litre

- Total weight: app 30.000 kg

A remarkable technical solution has been developed to control the large EP 9 L snow plough in front. The angle of the plough is automatically adjusted to maintain the full working width driving in curves. For summer training the support wheels are lowered hydraulically to avoid the poly cutting edges to be worn out. Cost saving and environment friendly!

After delivery to Arlanda the machines will be served and maintained by the service team of Øveraasen Sverige AB, a 100% daughter company of Øveraasen AS, which was founded this year. The young company has already left remarkable footprints in the Swedish market.

The autonomous technology has been developed by Yeti Move which belongs to Semcon, Husquarna and Øveraasen with 33,3% each. The Yeti technology can be used for all kind of autonomous operations and the interest in Yeti Move is large from all over the world.

We once again like to thank Swedavia for the confidence and trust they have shown by placing such a large order by Øveraasen. We will do our best to live up to their expectations!