Big contract signed with Avinor

The framework agreement is worth up to EUR 40 million over a period of 8 years.
The contract encompasses the purchase of runway sweepers for use at Avinor’s airports featuring autonomous solutions.

The framework agreement includes the first tranche of 12 autonomous runway sweepers.

The technology company Yeti Move AS, based in Kongsberg, is a subcontractor and will provide the autonomous solutions.

In addition to the supply of autonomous vehicles, the contract also encompasses the delivery of runway sweepers to all Avinor Airports. Avinor has approximately 150 runway sweepers at its disposal.

In the long term, the intention is that the platform for autonomous operations can enable automation of other tasks and services in the airport area. This may include grass cutting, line painting on the apron as well as sweeping.

Signing a contract like this with Avinor is a big deal for our company.
This agreement confirms our leading position as a manufacturer of advanced snow removal equipment for airports around the globe and will contribute to ensuring that employment is sustained over the coming years, says Thor Arve Øveraasen, CEO of Øveraasen AS.

Technological development is constantly moving forward, and it will be most gratifying to deliver the autonomous vehicles to Oslo Airport.