Winter is still strong

Even in mid-April, there are still winter conditions on Hardangervidda, one of the toughest mountain passes in Norway.

The winter of 2020/2021 was not as extreme as last winter when each snow blower had approx. 2000 operating hours in just one season. The trucks with snow ploughs drove 400 to 500 kilometres every day, which added up to 100,000 kilometres during the winter season. Also notice how the next storm is prepared: extra blower roads are made, and road markings are placed far outside the roadside. In this way, it is avoided that the road is immediately blown full of snow again in the next storm period.

Up here on Hardangervidda, the Twin Spin UPV 425 in combination with the Volvo L 110 is considered the ultimate combination. Both machines operators that we spoke to expressed themselves very positively about both capacity and operational stability and that this combination of snow blower / wheel loader is absolutely an ideal combination. Mesta, the current operator, has one season left of the current contract and of course hopes that they can continue on Hardangervidda with suitable equipment and very experienced drivers.

Terje Fjetland and Roald Kaupang, machine operators on Hardangervidda

Øveraasen has now designed a new type of Twin Spin unit blower which has been named UPV 450 and which meets the latest emission requirements according to Euromot Step V. This snow blower can be delivered from the autumn of 2021.